HPI – LED Super Light System

Drift / SUTORITOCHUNDOKA best matches! All 17 lights and lit six full-spec mode, with the ultimate light system.

An ultimate light system that can say the full spec specification equipped with 17 all lights and 6 lighting modes is born. It is attached ..six headlight lights, two front winker lights, two side winker lights, four taillight lights, and two rear winker lights and high luminance LED of one muffler light.. by the standard. A variety of lighting patterns are achieved by six mode switch. In addition, it can enjoy a more variegated lighting action by remote control in the use of 3ch Propo. Moreover, an epoch-making auto light system function to achieve automatic lighting/turning off by adopting an optical sensor according to brightness was added. The main body is connected with one connecting cable because of the main unit (body side) and the subunit (chassis side). The body can be detached to the preparation by simply bringing wiring together.

Contents and accessory
– High luminance LED17 light
ï½¥Headlight(two blue four white lights/lights)
ï½¥Reception desk winker(two orange lights)
ï½¥Side winker(two orange lights)
ï½¥Taillight(four red lights)
ï½¥Rear winker(two orange lights)
ï½¥Muffler(one red light)
– The main unit
(Size:46x46x13mm code an umbo is excluded. )
– Subunit
(Size:40x23x14mm code an umbo is excluded. )
– Connecting cable(20cm)
– Power supply connector

Source : HPI

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  1. Martin says:

    Hi!Can you tell mi what is the serial code for HPI – LED Super Light System and maybe from where i can buy it?Best regar Marto.

  2. rceasy says:

    # 30504

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