MORSE Invitational Korean National Championship 2008

The MORSE Invitational Championship has been an annual race since 2005, and it became one of the biggest race events in Korea. This year, 120 of Korea’s top racers participated in the race, becoming the race with the largest amount of buggy racers. Although the XB808 was only released very recently, it was one of the most popular & famous buggies in the race.

Needless to say, Team XRAY, the Korea National Champion team, was the strongest team. This time, Team XRAY was represented by ChoongYeul (current Korea National Champion), DongKwan, DongWoo (last year’s MORSE Champion), and WonHyung.

It was XRAY XB808 driver DongWoo who was showcasing with overwhelming performance of the XB808, taking 2nd spot in qualifying without any practice runs. Other XRAY drivers also showcased the whole race with their XB808 cars. ChoongYeul’s XB808 was doing some of the fastest laps in the race.

All TXRAY drivers could successfully be in final, with the exception of WonHyung who forgot to charge the receiver battery for the Semi-Final. During A-main final, all Team XRAY drivers were super fast, showcasing the potential of the XB808. ChoongYeul dominating the final in the beginning – very stable yet with very fast lap times. Beyond the half-way point, it became a battle between XRAY drivers ChoongYeul and DongWoo for the honorable win.

Dong Woo finally passed ChoongYeul with only 1 lap remaining, taking it to the end to be the 2008 MORSR Invitational Korean National Champion again. This made it 2 titles back-to-back for him!

1/8 Buggy Final Results:
1. DongWoo Nam XRAY XB808
2. ChoongYeul Shin XRAY XB808

3. HyungKyu Yoo
4. JungHwan Kim
5. DongKwan Kim XRAY XB808

Not only did Team XRAY dominate the 1/8 Buggy class, but also Team XRAY claimed the title of best team. It was really a great day for XRAY, dominating the whole race event.

Best Team Records results:
1. Team XRAY
2. Kyosho
3. GS Racing

Source : XRAY

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