MuchMore – Super Linear Regulator and Volt Meter

MR-SLR Super Linear Regulator for 7.4V Li-Po(Receiver)

This unit regulates the voltage(7.4V) of  Li-po battery at 6.5V without noise and radio glitch by Super Linear Regulator technology.

Required battery : 2cell Li-Po batter(7.4V)
Stand-by current : 0.00075A
Maximum constant current : 5A
Connector type : Futaba 3pins/ J type 3pins(to receiver) / J type 2pins(voltage indicator)

Due to extremely low stand-by current, you don’t need to unplug the battery every time if you use an additional switch.

MR-RID  Li-Po Battery Volt Indicator (7.4V Regulator Option)

This item is connectable SLR and monitors output voltage’s status by its LED color.

Blue LED tells you SLR has enough voltage to operate, on the other hand Red LED is  means it’s time to recharge your battery(or SLR is overloaded).

Source : MuchMore

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