ROAR On-road Nationals 2008

Race report by Paul Lemieux
The US nationals were held at RC Hobbies in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Quinton (owner) did a great job to accommodate the racers with a great track, fully-stocked hobby shop, proper rest rooms, large tent with electricity, large pit spots, the list goes on. The track was a very good size – not too big but not too small – and the grip was very good all weekend. The layout was fast yet tight with some high speed dog legs, 180° hairpins, and a carousel coming onto the main straight.


Right off the bat Ralph Burch was fast in Mod and Travis Schreven was looking good in Super Stock. In the second and final day of practice, Robby Dodge and I got very fast also so things were looking good for XRAY. Our other drivers Billy Easton and Rick Howart were also looking good as practice concluded.


Qualifying was great for the team. In the Stock catagory it was Robby Dodge who piloted his T2’008 to overall TQ with super-fast driving all through qualifying. In the Super Stock category it was Travis Schrevem who came out swinging, TQing in round 1 and round 4 to claim the overall TQ spot with his
XRAY/Trinity ride.

I was strong throughout Modified qualifying, TQing three of the 4 rounds to secure the overall TQ spot. Ralph Burch also ran well in Mod qualifying, getting 2nd on the grid. Rounding out the top three in qualifying was Billy Easton. The T2’008 cars of Ralph and I were running great!

In Stock it was Justin Lissard (T2’008) who ran three smart finals, starting 2nd on the grid and winning the championship by winning the first final and finishing 2nd in A3. Congratulations to Justin on his first national title!

Stock results:
1. Justin Lessard XRAY T2’008
2. Robbie Dodge XRAY T2’008

3. Mark Burt
4. Craig Xavier
5. Alan Hewitt
6. Rob Love XRAY T2’008
7. Eric Anderson XRAY T2’008

8. Bob Stellflue
9. Jason Wilkey XRAY T2’008
10. Jason Ertrachter

In the 10.5 Super Stock class it was #2 qualifier Josh Newman who came out on top with a win in A1 and A3 to nab the title. Congratulations!

Super Stock results:
1. Josh Numan
2. Kevin Hebert
3. Kyle Bergstrom
4. Josh Cyrul
5. Travis Schreven XRAY T2’008
6. Mark Burt
7. Randy Caster
8. Randy Kastl
9. Rob Love XRAY T2’008
10. Alan Hewitt

In Mod Class, I was able to win A1 and A2, holding off the hard-charging Ralph Burch to claim the title for XRAY and Trinity. Rick Howart and Ralph Burch rounded out the top 3 in the final order.

Modified results:
1. Paul Lemieux XRAY T2’008
2. Rick Hohwart
3. Ralph Burch XRAY T2’008
4. Josh Cyrul
5. Josh Numan
6. Ryan Cavalieri
7. David Jun
8. Randy Caster
9. Tommi Torikka
10. Billy Easton

The race was a big success for Team XRAY. The T2’008 TQ’d three classes and won two of them, proving once again the strength of our products. Thanks to RC America and XRAY for their support.

ROAR ran a smooth event, Quintin and all of his people worked very hard to provide the racers with everything we could imagine.

Source : XRAY
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