Team Losi – 1/18 Mini-Rock Crawler RTR

The ready-to-run 1/18-scale Mini-Rock Crawler incorporates the key design principles of full-scale rock crawlers into a 1/18-scale package. The truly innovative Mini-Rock Crawler features a multi-link suspension, heavy-duty metal ring and pinion gears, a 3-gear center transmission with a spool and slipper, a high-torque motor and an Electronic Speed Control (ESC) that has been re-tuned specifically for rock crawling.

A worldwide first, Losi’s Mini-Rock Crawler utilizes design elements from real-world rock crawling competitors. A multi-link suspension and solid 4mm axles provide the ultimate combination of lightweight agility and strength. The full-time 4WD drivetrain powers all 4 wheels through a center-mounted 3-gear transmission with a spool and slipper, providing grip and torque at each and every wheel. The positioning of the transmission provides the Mini Rock Crawler with outstanding balance for tackling the toughest climbs and maneuvers. Heavy-duty metal ring and pinion gears, solid axles and axle shafts combined with a full set of ball bearings provide the Mini-Rock Crawler with durability for extreme, precision climbs.

On top of the outstanding handling elements, Losi has loaded the Mini Rock Crawler with the electronics you need for serious control and torque. An LSR3000 radio system with genuine Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM Technology provides crystal-free, no-interference control and a lightweight transmitter design. Power comes from a high-torque Losi electric motor, controlled by a Crawler-tuned forward and reverse electronic speed control that keeps the Mini Rock Crawler smooth and stable on the most uneven terrain. An extra amount of drag brake was added to hold the vehicle in the steepest of grades. The crawler also features a high-torque rock crawling-specific servo packed with power.

To fully achieve the scale look of the full-scale rock crawling machines, Losi desgined a Tuber-style body in Red, Blue and Black. To provide the traction that rock crawling demands, Losi adapted their unbeatable 1/10-scale Rock Claw 2.2 Tires for the smaller size, resulting in Mini Rock Claw Tires. Mounted to bead lock-style wheels, the Mini Rock Crawler can clamber and climb nearly any obstacle with ease. With a rechargeable battery pack, wall charger and alkaline transmitter batteries included, the Mini Rock Crawler is the only choice for ready-to-run rock crawling performance.

Key Features

  • Metal Twin Vertical Plate (TVP) chassis design
  • Multi-link crawler suspension design
  • Heavy duty metal ring and pinion gears, axles and axle shafts
  • Gusseted drive cases for increased strength and durability
  • A true locked-out rear end design, no steering spindles
  • Heavy duty universals with slide-type outdrives and metal yolks
  • Alloy lower suspension links with captured ends
  • Extra long oil filled shocks, front and rear
  • Solid axles with optimized drive shaft angles allow for a freely-rotating driveline throughout the entire suspension travel
  • Telescoping slider driveshafts
  • 3-Gear center transmission with spool and slipper
  • 4WD with locked differentials
  • Ball bearings throughout
  • 1.9″ Bead lock style wheels with 12mm wheel hexes
  • New electronic FWD/RWD rock crawling specific speed controller (ESC) with extra drag brake
  • High-torque rock crawler specific motor
  • Mini high-torque rock crawling servo
  • Tuber style body: Scale looks of the full-scale rock crawling machines; 3 colors to choose from: Red, Blue and Black
  • Features Mini-Rock Claw Tires for superior traction (modeled after the National Champion winning 1/10-scale Rock Claw 2.2 Tires)
  • Losi LSR3000 radio system featuring Spektrumâ„¢ 2.4GHz DSM® technology for crystal-free operation
  • 7.2V 1100mAh NiMH Battery and Charger
  • 4 AA batteries included for transmitter

  • 01. Twin Vertical Plate (TVP) chassis design for ultimate performance
  • 02. Multi-link suspension with extra long oil-filled shocks front and rear to clear almost any obstacle
  • 03. Heavy duty metal ring and pinion gears, axles and axle shafts for increased durability
  • 04. High-torque Mini-Rock Crawler motor designed specifically for crawling
  • 05. Alloy lower suspension links with captured ends create a solid crawling base
  • 06. Solid axles with optimized driveshaft angles for free rotation and less drag
  • 07. Telescoping/sliding driveshafts with metal yokes to get power to the ground no matter the suspension angle
  • 08. 3-Gear center-mounted transmission with spool and slipper for effective power transfer to the front and rear
  • 09. Full-time 4WD with locked differentials for even power distribution
  • 10. Full ball bearings to maximize the power and torque
  • 11. Mini-Rock Claw tires modeled after the National Champion 1/10th Rock Claw
  • 12. 1.9 Beadlock-style wheels with 12mm wheel hexes and body color match inserts for style and function
  • 13. Mini-Rock Crawler electronic FWD/REV speed controller with extra drag brake
  • 14. Mini high-torque rock crawling servo necessary precision for crawling
  • 15. Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM Technology based Losi Radio System for the ultimate control
  • 16. 1100mAh NiMH battery (LOSB1202), wall charger & transmitter batteries included – completely ready to run


  • Scale:1/18
  • Length:12 in (304.8mm)
  • Width:7 in (177.8mm)
  • Wheelbase:8.5 in (215.9)
  • Weight:2.04 lbs (926g)
  • Chassis:Metal Twin Vertical Plate (TVP)
  • Suspension:Multi-Link
  • Drive Train:4WD with Lock differentials
  • Tire Type:Mini-Rock Claw Tires
  • Speed Control:Electronic FWD/RWD with Drag Brake
  • Radio:LSR3000 Radio with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM
  • Batteries:7.2V 1100mAh NiMH Battery
  • Charger:Included
  • Wheel Size:1.9 in (48.26mm) (hex is 12mm)
  • Kit/RTR:RTR
  • Body:Pre-painted,Tuber-Style in Red, Blue or Black
  • Ball Bearings:Complete

Source : Team Losi

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  1. Jordy Neilson says:

    I’m very disappointed in the servo as the plastic gear stripped out within 2 weeks of mild use. I’ve updated to a Hitec HS-5245MG with all metal gears and an aluminum arm and I’m so far very happy. It’s also much more responsive.

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