Team Magic – ST Steel F/R Differential Outdrive

Longer Cap

The 1/8 buggy class is the most demanding class in RC racing when it comes to durability. The ever increasing power of the 3.5cc motors we use means the drivetrain parts in a buggy have to withstand enormous loads. With track designs also more and more extreme, the tracks today are often more supercross style, which means that the demands on the equipment continues to rise. The new outdrive longer cap is well designed to prevent the drive shaft from dropping out.

Extra Strength

Some of the most critical parts that can easily get damaged are the differential outdrives. These are extremely vulnerable as the forces from the heavy landings and crashes come straight from the driveshafts to the differential outdrives. Damage to the outdrives are very common when you misjudge a large jump landing heavy on one wheel or being involved in a harsh crash.

Since outdrives are part of the differentials a broken outdrive means that not only do you have to replace the broken part, you also need to rebuild the differential, a job we all hate! The answer is obviously to fit the highest quality most durable outdrives to start with to prevent these problems.

The best way to prevent damage and premature wear to differential outdrives is to use these new high quality ST steel outdrives designed on your M1B & M8 series buggies.


The New differential outdrives are manufactured from superb ST steel. Machined with utmost precision they will fit the M1B and M8 series Buggies perfectly and due to the exclusive hardening process the longevity of these parts are nothing short of amazing. These outdrives will last for hours and hours of hard buggy (ab)use! The hardened ST steel will double the durability and make sure you have one less thing to worry about.

Source : Team Magic

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