Ricardo Monteiro Wins Mid-Portugal Regional Championship R4

Race report by Ricardo Monteiro
Round 4 of the Regional Championship (and the last round before the Euros at Creta) was held on June 21-22 in Torres Vedras. There were 57 drivers, 13 of whom were XRAY drivers. On Saturday we woke up with very nice weather and ready to begin to race.

On the track, I was testing tires for Sunday and trying to obtain the best set-up I could get. I had a few problems, though. In some parts of the track but I was able to overcome those obstacles by rolling on the track.

Sunday morning we awoke to the same weather. I went to the first qualification very confident and trying to have consistent driving. With a few mistakes I got up into 5th in the first round, up into 3rd in the second round due to an consistent driving…but a mistake on the last lap cost me 1st place. The TQ was going to be disputed in the last, where a few drivers could win that prize.

I went into the third round knowing that I had to drive smoothly with no mistakes so that I could take TQ. I made a few mistakes but ended up with the 6th best time from all rounds and the #3 spot in the B main final. In the semi-final B, I was 2nd with a few driving mistakes and so I was bumped up to 2nd in the final.

In the final I drove well, which guaranteed me another victory for this regional championship. only one more to go!!! Now my thoughts will be on the Euros; this will be my first Euro and I hope to learn a lot from the top XRAY drivers.


1. Ricardo Monteiro XRAY XB808
2. Tiago Parreira
3. Ricardo Martins
4. Helio Lopes
5. Pedro Brites
6. Alexandre Couto
7. Paulo Marques
8. Nuno Lataes XRAY XB808
9. Renato Freitas
10. Pedro Figueiredo XRAY XB808

Ricardo Monteiro Winning Set-up sheet.

Source : XRAY

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