Maxspin Championship Series R4

Round 4 of the Maxspin Championship Series 2008 was held on Sunday, June 15, 2008 at Maxspin Micro Indoor Circuit in Bandung. We were using a new track layout which was higher speed and more challenging than before. The race was attended by drivers who came from Bandung, Jakarta, and Banjarmasin (Kalimantan Island).

Qualification was done in three rounds of 5-minute length. The first round started at 11:00AM, and the race became more competitive among top drivers. In that round Wato took the lead with 28 laps in 5:04.694 with a best lap time of 10.294sec. In the second round the situation changed a little bit;
some drivers drove more safety and Wiyono took over first position and TQ with 28 lap in 5:01.302 and a best lap time of 10.174sec. The last round was exciting, especially for drivers battling for a spot in the A Main final. Seven drivers fought for 6th, 7th, and 8th position but unfortunately Roy and Sadikin dropped into the B Main final by finishing less than 1 second from 8th position, the last position for the A main final.

A Main final starting order:
1. Wiyono – M18 PRO
2. Wato – M18 PRO
3. Edwin W – M18 PRO
4. Akay – M18 PRO
5. Yudha – M18 PRO
6. Asdi – M18 PRO
7. Wempi – M18 PRO
8. Risman – M18 PRO

The first final started at 2:30PM after a 1-hour lunch break. For the first 10 minutes Wiyono, Wato, Edwin W, Wempi and Akay showed fantastic performance and this time Wato won the battle. In the second final, Wiyono almost won after 11 minutes leading the race, but suddenly the battery dumped and with 1 minute left Wato took over the lead and won. In the last final, Akay show his skill after his initial problem in final 2, winning the third and last final with 69 laps.

A Main Final results:
1. Wato – M18 PRO
2. Edwin W – M18 PRO
3. Wempi – M18 PRO
4. Wiyono – M18 PRO
5. Akay – M18 PRO
6. Risman – M18 PRO
7. Yudha – M18 PRO
8. Asdi – M18 PRO

Source : XRAY

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