K Factory – E4 ZF Belt

  • E4 ZF Front Belt 3mm
  • E4 ZF Rear Belt 3.5mm
  • E4 ZF Side Belt 3mm

The belts are used to transfer power to both front & rear tires. A good set of belt will generate a large advantage over other cars because they can provide higher transmission efficiency. In other words, they can help the car to run faster. These K Factory ZF belts are super low friction and are constructed from the high quality material available.

K Factory engineers use unique method to construct the belt texture & special material to form the teeth. Therefore, the belt won’t break easily & the teeth won’t disappear soon. You can also imagine that the wear rate is also low because of the material & forming technology. In addition, to make the belts extra flexible, the belts surface also gone through a special treatment process to ensures the high transmission efficiency.

Good belts are very important, especially when you are in the final. With these ZF belts, you don’t need to worry about this part anymore because they are Team Magic E4’s good partners, always do their best to win races.

Before change the belts, please make sure that all the necessary parts are removed. Please install the belts over the two pulleys. Don’t forget to clean the pulley before belt installation. Clean belt working environment will not only increase the overall transmission efficiency, but also lengthen the lifetime of belts.

Source : K Factory

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