Team Corally – IB4600SHV, IB1600 2/3 single cell and Hump pack

IB4600SHV – #46224-#46267
The latest version of Intellect Sub-C cells is the IB4600SHV. They have improved in voltage. Their part numbers remain the same as the previous IB4600 version.

Available in Max30 – 4, 5, 6 cell Team Matched and Max 30 – 5, 6 cell Race Matched

IB1600 2/3 single cell (#IB1600) and Hump pack (#IB1600-Hump)

The latest edition of IB 2/3A single cell is a 1600mAh High Discharge Type called IB1600.

Also available as IB1600 receiver pack Ni-MH 6.0V (2/3A 5-cell Hump pack) – High Discharge Type.

Source : Team Corally

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