Team Novak – SLYDR Brushless Drift System

With input from the top drifters of the world, Novak has developed the specially designed SLYDR Brushless Drift System (#3066-3068). This system includes the new SLYDR Brushless Drift ESC (#1712) factory-wired to one of three, new Novak Drift-Spec Brushless Motors (#3466-3468). These 540-size sensored brushless motors include the Novak 13mm Neodymium Sintered rotor for improved initial throttle response and natural drag brake. The SLYDR Drift ESC, which is based on Novak’s GTB, contains new brake adjustments and features to help fine tune brake response, as well as all new throttle curve adjustments to further customize the already-smooth throttle response.

Novak’s SLYDR Brushless Drift Systems are available in three motor winds:

  • SLYDR Brushless Drift System – 6.5T (Kv=5,700; Watts=370) provides the most power to light your tires up and excels on large tracks (#3066).
  • SLYDR Brushless Drift System – 7.5T (Kv=5,200; Watts=340) is the best all-around-motor with a great balance between power and run time. It also works well on medium-sized tracks (#3067).
  • SLYDR Brushless Drift System – 8.5T (Kv=4,500; Watts=280) has the smoothest power response and longest possible run time. The 8.5T is also ideal to use on small tracks (#3068).

Novak’s drift-specific SLYDR is a sensor-based system that is always aware of the rotor position. That knowledge provides the motor with superior starting torque and continuous synchronization for smooth, controlled low-speed driveability and consistent brakes – a must for drifting! The Drift-Spec series of motors also features a shielded sensor cable and a completely rebuildable design.

Though the SLYDR Brushless Drift ESC has one throttle profile, the drift-specific ESC is completely programmable and packed with nine customizable parameters. Novak’s new Throttle Curve gives drivers the ability to experiment with three throttle responses – Linear, Expo-1 and Expo-2 – which range between a quick burst of power to a smoother, more controlled low-end power delivery. In addition, the SLYDR’s Brake Frequency adjustment contains seven degrees of adjustability from a smooth and controllable brake to a more abrupt and grabbier feel. The dozens of adjustments allow drivers to fine-tune their vehicle’s throttle braking for better control and advanced drifting.

But the customization doesn’t end with braking. Novak has also built into the ESC Li-Po Cut-Off Circuitry that prevents the batteries from going below the critical safety voltage level and a Motor Rotation feature that allows the user to easily select direction of the motor.


  • Fully programmable throttle profile specifically developed for drifting
  • Nine adjustable parameters: Minimum Brake (10 settings from 3-50%), Drag Brake (10 settings from 3-50%), Dead Band (5 settings from 2-6%), Minimum Drive (5 settings from 2-12%), Throttle Curve (Linear, Expo-1 and Expo-2), Brake Frequency (7 settings from 1-8 kHz), Reverse, Motor Rotation and Li-Po Cut-Off
  • User-friendly interface and 4 different color status LEDs. User can fine-tune one parameter at a time without having to re-enter other parameters
  • Based on the Novak GTB Brushless ESC for ultimate brushless motor performance
  • Built-in Smart-Stop Li-Po Cut-Off Circuitry Protection to monitor battery voltage level
  • Independent programming of Drag Brakes and Minimum Brake for the ultimate braking control
  • One-Touch Set-Up for quick, easy transmitter setup
  • Smart Braking II enables users to “shift” from forward to reverse
  • Compatible with Novak’s 540-size sensored brushless motors down to 5.5 turns
  • Microprocessor-controlled
  • Gold-Plated PCB Direct-Solder Wiring Tabs
  • User-replaceable input harness (#5315) and remote power programming switch (#5602)
  • 30x30x6mm cooling fan (#5648) mounted on factory-installed heat sink
  • Factory-installed Power Trans-Cap Module (#5679) for cooler operating temperatures
  • Water-resistant case
  • Locked Rotor Detection and Thermal Overload Protection
  • Novak’s Radio-Priority and Polar Drive Circuits
  • Meets RoHS compliance and includes 120-Day Warranty
  • Designed and assembled by Novak in Irvine, California, using globally-sourced components


  • Input Voltage: 2S Li-Po cells or 4-6 NiMH cells (1.2V/cell)
  • Footprint: 1.16” x 1.49” (29.5 x 37.8 mm)
  • Weight (without wires): 1.36 oz. (38.5 g)
  • Motor Limit: 5.5-turn Novak 540-size sensored brushless motor
  • On-Resistance: 0.00040 ohms @ 25°C trans. temp.
  • BEC: 6.0 volts DC / 3.0 amps
  • Status LEDs: 4
  • Voltage Cut-Off: 6.25V (when Li-Poly Cut-Off Circuitry is enabled)
  • Power Wires (battery/motor): 14G Super-Flex Copper-Strand Silicone Wire


  • Specifically designed for drift vehicles
  • Nickel-plated, high-strength 13mm Sintered Neodymium rotor for increased motor acceleration, improved initial throttle response, improved performance in high-temperature conditions, and natural drag brake
  • Sensor-based for excellent braking and low-speed driveability
  • Shielded sensor cable with sheathed sensor wires
  • Oversized front bearing for increased load handling and bearing life
  • Lightweight, ribbed end bells
  • Provides approximately 20% longer run-times compared to brushed motors
  • Direct-Solder Wiring Tabs
  • Thermal Overload Protection (when used with Novak SLYDR Drift or GTB ESCs)
  • Minimal Maintenance and Low cogging
  • Rebuildable design: user-replaceable rotor (#5909) and user-replaceable front end bell/bearing and rear bearing (#5919)
  • Meets RoHS compliance and includes 120-Day Warranty
  • Designed, hand-wound and dyno-tested by Novak in Irvine, Calif.


  • Turns: 6.5 (#3466), 7.5 (#3467), 8.5 (#3468)
  • Design: Sensor-based
  • Input Voltage: 2S Li-Po cells or 4-6 NiMH cells (1.2 volts/cell)
  • Magnet: 13mm Nickel-plated, Sintered, high-strength Neodymium
  • Watts: 370 (#3466), 340 (#3467), 280 (#3468)
  • KV (unloaded): 5,700 (#3466), 5,200 (#3467), 4,500 (#3468) RPM/Volt
  • Motor Size: 540 Size: 2.08” L X 1.41” D (52.8 x 35.8 mm)
  • Motor Weight: 6.61 oz. (187 g)
  • Shaft Diameter: 0.125” (3.2 mm) [accepts all existing pinion gears]
  • Bearing Size: 1/2” x 3/16” (12.7×4.8mm)
  • Protection: Thermal

Source : Novak

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