Tamiya Japan – DF-03 MS

The entire area potential rise
In order that the weight distribution which depends on the vertical ranging center battery and is superior, adopted the long suspension arm high road holding the shaft drive 4WD buggy chassis of merit, makes the potential of DF-03 full show, fully loading the option part, in the name of MS it finished in the suitable machine. While raising road surface following characteristic, with the aluminum damper which combines the white collar worker spring in addition to the hard turn buckle shaft, raising the underside durability. It pursues also drive efficiency with the assembly universal shaft and the aluminum one somatotype propeller cup joint. It equips also center one way in addition to the ball diff. of Slippers clutch and the front and back which it is essential to race/lace. Also the positive attitude change which conveys power to the road surface effectively, is by the brake is possible. Polycarbonate make body and wing and marking sticker attachment for front residence color. With the color ring and the completeness equipment where combative spirit boils up, vividly you run and come out off load course.

Main equipment part
– Assembly universal shaft - Heat sink bar - Slippers clutch - Aluminum damper - White collar worker spring - Center one-way set - Hard turn buckle shaft - Aluminum one somatotype propeller cup joint - Lightweight battery button clamp stopper pin - Racing wing for buggy - High torque servo saber - Full bearing

Aluminum damper + white spring
High accuracy & high quality setting the white collar worker spring to the aluminum damper, it tightens the underside.

Slippers Clutch
Showing the slipper effect which is stabilized with the use of the fluorine special frictional material, you hold down the behavior of the car of gap travelling and the sudden power on time.

Hard turn buckle shaft
Just turns the shaft delicate length adjustment is possible without removing the rod and the arm. Also height of the strength which is difficult to bend even with off load travelling is charm.

Propeller cup joint
Both precision strength the high aluminum it starts shaving, make. Blurring of the axis of rotation becomes small and by making one somatotype drive efficiency raises.

Heat sink bar
Setting the aluminum make motor plate in addition to 3 these heat sink bars which processed the cooling fin. Raising the heat dissipation characteristic of the motor, it prevents powering down.

Center one way
Approximately rotary difference of the wheel is absorbed, the positive attitude change which is by the brake and, cornering at high speed becomes possible.

Assembly universal shaft
Assembly disassembly possible universal shaft. When cutting the steering wheel with high precision, the stall impression is little, smooth cornering possible.

Lightweight battery button clamp stopper pin
The aluminum it starts shaving, the part. The polyacetar cutting resin was put to the contact section of the chassis and the battery cover.

Basic specifications
– Total length: 388mm - Full-width: 250mm - Total height: 152mm - Wheel base 272mm - Tread: F217mm R203mm

Source : Tamiya

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