Kyosho Inferno MP9 – First Chassis Detail Pictures

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+ + + Update 07.07.2008>> First detailed pictures of the MP9 + + +

The wait is over! Today we publish the first detailed shots of the brand MP9 INFERNO! More detailed shots follow!

Stay Tuned!

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The sensation is perfect! KYOSHO At the Masters this weekend, presents the developer genius Yuichi Kanai his latest throw – the INFERNO MP9.

The vehicle was substantially revised and developed at all points. Thus, the MP9 on an even better driving dynamics. The powertrain is the MP9 again made easier and gives the model an incredible agility. And the suspension is in many respects have been developed.

Overall, the MP9 the logical development of the best vehicle in the world – the reigning world champion MP777 …!

Soon you will find here more pictures of the vehicle by Yuichi Kanai, live from Paris …!

Source : Kyosho

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