Team Orion – Pro Competition 5300 SHO – Update

Team Orion was built and founded by R/C racers and pilots. Team Orion product experts run what they make and understand the need for performance at all levels and compliance with all governing body rules and safety standards. Orion staff has gone the extra mile to form a relationship with a select supplier to develop cells so good they put its name on them. Team Orion Super High Output cells are developed with the input of Oscar Jansen, who has been developing world champion sub-C cells for decades. The proof is in the performance and once you get a taste you’ll want more.

ORI11551 5300 SHO High Volt 7.2 Volt 6 cells
ORI11522 5300 SHO Team 7.2 Volt 6 cells
ORI11555 5300 SHO High Volt 4.8 Volt 4 cells
ORI11556 5300 SHO Team 4.8 Volt 4 cells
ORI11557 5300 SHO High Volt 6.0 Volt 5 cells
ORI11558 5300 SHO Team 6.0 Volt 5 cells
ORI11905 5300 SHO 5 cells bulk
ORI11906 5300 SHO 6 cells bulk
ORI11907 5300 SHO 5 cells assembled side by side
ORI11908 5300 SHO 6 cells assembled side by side
ORI11909 5300 SHO 6 cells assembled saddle packs
ORI11055 5300 SHO single cell

• Sub-C cell with the Safe and Reliable Technology ”
• Extremely high capacity with 5,300 mAh
• Excellent voltage situation
• particularly long journey times by high capacity
• particularly low internal resistance
• Low-temperature level, thereby increasing life
• Available in the selection of high-voltage levels, team and Prematched
• particularly strong price-performance ratio
• Available in all standard configurations of single cell up to 7.2 V packs

Source : Team Orion

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  1. John St. Amant says:

    AWESOME!!!! Would you be so kind as to tell me how to charge them… AMPS >> DELTA PEAK CUTOFF>>> STORAGE. i HAVE A CELL MASTER .. SILENT CHARGER… CHECK POINT CHARGER… AND A CTD-X2 DISCHARGER. fOR BEST PERFORMENCE IN MY 12th SCALE CAR. TY, Can you tell im a bit excited? LOL

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