VENOM – Pro Charger

Venom’s new Multi Function Pro Charger is available in both DC and AC/DC power configurations to suit a variety of user needs. The Venom Pro Charger will charge 1 to 6 cell LiPO and LiION/LiFE Battery Packs, as well as NiCD and NiMH battery packs with 1 to 15 cells and Lead Acid Batteries.

The Venom Pro Chargers easy to use features:

  • Charging
  • Discharging
  • Cycling, Balancing (LiPO/LiION/LiFE cells)
  • User definable charge rates from 0.1 amps to 5.0 amps
  • USB PC Linkability, Temperature Probe
  • 10 User-Defined Charger Profiles.

Comes with six different charging plugs including the new Traxxas® High Current Connector (TRX Plug). The Venom Pro Charger is a perfect compliment to Venom’s new line of batteries using the Traxxas® High Current Connector.

Source : Venom

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  1. dave lareau says:

    lead on balance block too short

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