Alex Racing – M-6 Speed Body

The body make-up knowhow to invent using most body LX-250 by all-Japan championship was produced and making the best use of NEW body was produced. The improvement (ratio of our company) was accomplished for the average 0.3 seconds in the preliminary contest of Yatabe arena SP-EX class. It is a masterpiece without the most powerful wrong body at this season.

A straight speed is increased by minimizing the project area in the
The form of low center of gravity that not is before is achieved.

The roll more than the necessity is drawn out in minimum designing
the cockpit and the effectiveness of the suppression vehicle setting
is drawn out to its maximum.

The minimization of the cockpit is strong.
It succeeds in giving birth to shape on the body side that brings the
downforce, and securing the maximum grip.

Features :

1. The decal and the masking seat for the light are attached to the commodity.
2. The wing of the attachment is a straight type. (wing single version
3. The unpainting should paint on the commodity by the customer.
4. Please use paints for each company Poricabonat for painting.
5. There is no previous notice and the price and the specification of the product
might be changed. Please acknowledge it.

Source : Alex Racing Design

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