Hayato & CRC Gen-X J-Spec win Japanese Indoor Championship

Team CRC Japan driver Hayato won the Japanese Indoor Championship held in Kanto area in Japan. This race serves as a qualifier for the Japanese Nationals held in late Aug.

Hayato used the J-Spec conversion for the Gen-X which optimizes the car for asphalt by adding 3mm to the wheel base and increasing the rear weight bias.

Five of the top ten drivers chose the CRC Gen-X (1st, 3rd, 6th, 9th, & 10th). And while Hayato chose to use the J-Spec chassis, the other four drivers drove standard Gen-X cars, proving that the Gen-X is a very competitive asphalt machine, even in stock trim.

Much like in Europe, Japanese 12th scale racing is predominately modified only, with no “spec” or “stock” racing. Which means Hayato has been competing against all the best talent that Japan has to offer. Drivers such as M. Hirosaka, A. Hara, H. Kitazawa, etc. are all expected to be in attendance at the Nationals.

Source : Team CRC

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