K Factory – E4 Hard Coated Alum. 6 cell Battery Mount

K Factory scores again in the electric touring car market lineup, with the new E4 aluminum battery mount for 6 cell packs, specially designed to be used in Team Magic E4FS and E4RS Electric Touring Cars.

This new hop up will make your car much more reliable and stronger, due to the increased hardness of aluminum, that in turn is also lighter, resulting in increased efficiency and weight distribution, meaning you will be able to handle your car even better!

K Factory is renowned for it’s devotion to developing superior competition products and this new hop up is a perfect piece of engineering, giving you superior durability , through the use of the highest grade lightweight aluminum material!

This part also features a hard coated surface, which gives you an excellent surface protection and insulation for better appearance, and longer part lifetime.

Adding to a smart design, featuring a milled battery tape slot, this great looking hop up raises the bar in performance again! Through better heat dissipation you get far better battery lifetime, and of course, much better battery performance!

Source : K Factory

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