Mugen Seiki – MBX6 CAD Pic

Sourcing from Mugen UK

The Picture is a detail picture of the front end of the New Mugen Seiki Buggy the MBX6. Note that the suspension cups are very deep to make sure the spring stays in place. More news to come as we get it!

As you can see from the pictures its a completely new car with what look to be a hardened Aluminium part i.e. the main chassis, shock bodies etc. Diff-Outdrive cups appear to be lightened also.

As you can see the front drive shafts use a captured drive pin inside the bearing, please note the small grub screw which will allow you to tighten the drive shaft cup without pulling the whole drive train apart.

You can see in this picture that it appears the rear centre drive cup has some sort possibly rubber boot to protect the internal parts? Also to note the anti-roll bar mounts are angled for easier tuning from the side of the car. For protection of the rear end parts and to help keep unsprung weight down see rear mud guards.

Source : Mugen UK

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