Kyosho Mini Z Monster – Dodge Ram 1500


No. 30086MB-B Dodge Ram 1500 Metallic Blue
No. 30086GM-B Dodge Ram 1500 Gun Metal

Available: In Stock

The Dodge Ram is no doubt one of America’s all time favorite trucks along with the Ford F150 and the Chevy Silverado. The Ram’s distinctive beefy looking front grill and hood lines have been fully reproduced in all their glory. This big tire machine built on the proven Mini-Z chassis, boasts performance never experienced before. With plenty of suspension travel, you can turn the smallest of spaces into an off-road obstacle course. Run right over a mountain of magazines, an undulating carpet section, or rocky section built from some old news papers. Set up a spectacular jump or control wheelies at will. With an optional motor you can add even more grunt for higher jumps and quicker pop for your wheelies.  With big trucking performance in a small package the Mini-Z monster truck creates a new indoor motorsports category. Now you can gather your family and friends together and start an off-road revolution in your living room!


  • Built In Speed Control – Electronic speed control provides stepless motor speed control as well as brake and reverse.
  • Massive Tires – Big tires and deep stroke of the specially designed suspension promises powerful off-road performance.
  • Off-Road Ready – Specially reinforced suspension parts handle the load from the big tires and strong servo saver are standard equipment.
  • Locked Diff & Gear Diff – Optimized gear ratio and 4-bevel diff gears included. Diff locking plate also included for extra hill climbing power.
  • Wheelie Bar – Pre-assembled wheelie bar for extrem tricks.
  • Ready Set – Completely factory assembled so just add batteries to start trucking.
  • Long Stroke – Long stroke suspension extracts the maximum big tire performance from the chassis.
  • Light Steering Control – King pin positioned deep in the wheel reduces scrub and also produces light steering control, even with the big tires.
  • Power = Fun – Power : Weight ratio produces big wheelie and jump performance.
  • Ready For Punishment – High rigidity chassis delivers performance while taking the punishment you can dish out.
  • Tons Of Upgrades Available – Wide variety of optional parts available for enhancing performance and customizing your machine.



Ready Set Contents:

  • Factory assembled chassis with R/C unit installed
  • Pre-painted plastic body complete with markings
  • Wheel-type transmitter
  • Four different pinion gears
  • Diff Locking Plate
  • Wheel wrench



Source : Kyosho

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