OS Engines MAX-25XZ Truggy Engine

Get the advantage at truggy races!

The O. S. Max-25XZ Truggy Engine utilizes the best balance of power, fuel mileage, size and weight within ROAR regulations to give racers optimum performance at 1/8 truggy and stadium track events!  The Max-25XZ is designed to have more power than .21 class engines, yet less than the .28 class, for better fuel mileage, lighter weight and lower gravity.  The double adjustable type carb gives smooth acceleration from low, mid and high speeds.


  • Displacement:  4.09cc (0.25cu.in.)
  • Bore:  17.5mm (0.689in.)
  • Stroke:  17.0mm (0.669in.)
  • Practical RPM:  4,000 – 39,000 rpm
  • Output:  3.1ps/33,000 rpm
  • Weight:  13.05 oz. (370g)

Source : OS Engine

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