Team Durango DJoint Drive Shaft System – Increase Your Efficiency


Team Durango is constantly developing new and exciting products that will not only help you compete, but will also help you win. We are serious about racing, and we are also very serious about precision manufactured option parts to further optimise the performance of your Team Durango vehicle.

The highly decorated DEX410V3 buggy is no stranger to intense competition. In the hands of both professional team racers and the legions of committed club racers worldwide, the DEX410V3 just keeps on winning.

Specially designed for the DEX410 range of vehicles, our DJoint drive shaft system is a product with one valuable racing commodity in mind, efficiency. The DJoint drive shafts feature a double joint in the coupling of each shaft, meaning that each joint works at half the articulation of the conventional drive shaft, increasing the efficiency in which the drive shaft transmits the drive to the front and rear gearboxes. The resulting increase in drive shaft efficiency will in turn directly translate to more forward momentum down at the wheels.

Precision machined from strong and durable material, the DJoint drive shaft system will perform under all racing conditions. The DJoint centre drive shaft set includes all the parts required to build a front and rear centre drive shaft for your DEX410 model.

4WD off-road is a punishing racing class at 10th scale. Team Durango are always researching ways to provide faster, smoother and longer lasting products that will give you more time on the track, and less time on the pit table.

Source : Team Durango

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