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Team Durango was born from a collective passion for racing. We develop all of our products with passion being a very important ingredient. Our pro team driver Jörn Neumann shares our passion for all things fast, precision manufactured and produced to win. He has transcended the realms of RC off-road as an enjoyable hobby, and now represents Team Durango on the world stage of competitive RC motor sport every day of his life. From an early age Jörn was winning. He has been a regular name on the lips of off-road racers across the globe ever since.

Jörn is a dedicated Team Durango driver, an expert in buggy set-up and testing, a humble participant and aggressive competitor. He is a twice crowned 10th scale 4WD European Champion, he placed second in the 4WD World Championship in 2011, won the Reedy Race of Champions in 2012, and has more prestigious off-road podium positions than some manufacturers. His almost robotic ability to produce lap after lap of high speed precision racing is a true sight to behold. Team Durango provide Jörn with the products that assist him in all of his world class performances.  Jörn Neumann is a true off-road racing star, and alongside his Team Durango colleagues he champions the very highest level of competitive off-road racing.

Join us as we begin our journey into the inner workings of a young man who embodies our philosophy in everything he does. Jörn Neumann is ‘Serious About Racing’.

Team Durango – Can you explain how you first came into contact with Team Durango products?

Jörn – I joined Durango at the beginning of 2004 when it was just Gerd with his prototype cars. We attended many races together and we were able to win the 4WD European Championship title together in 2004.

After 2 years on different teams(2009,2010), I joined Team Durango back in 2011.

Team Durango – What is the proudest moment during your Team Durango racing career?

Jörn – Winning the Reedy Race of Champions  2012 in USA.

Team Durango – How many hours a week do you spend working on your racing kit or practicing with the cars?

Jörn – I spend a lot of hours working on my cars. Practicing is not so easy, because most tracks are outdoor and not possible to practice on during the winter. In the summer I practice once a week.


Team Durango – When you are racing, what is the one thing you are most focused on?

Jörn – That my equipment is in perfect conditions. So I can trust it 100%.

Team Durango – Do you believe that set-up changes can be the difference between winning and losing? Explain why?

Jörn – Yes, setup changes can make a difference. I think the setup must be 90% right, the rest will be decided by the driver in.

Team Durango – What is the most important element with the smooth driving style you are famous for?

Jörn – I think I am more an aggressive driver. Thats why I like 4WD so much:)

Team Durango – The Team Durango DEX410V3 is fast in many different situations. Explain your favourite parts of this world famous buggy?

Jörn – I like the complete DEX410V3, because it’s very easy to work on. Maybe the best parts are how easy and quick you can get the slipper and differentials out. It takes just a few minutes:)

Team Durango – What is your favourite class to race and why?

Jörn – It is for sure 4WD, because you can push it really hard.

Team Durango – Describe the DEX410 in 3 phrases?

Jörn – Fast, unique design, easy to work on.

Team Durango – What is the best part about racing for Team Durango?

Jörn – The comunication between me and Team Durango working well. They want always to make the fastest cars as possible. Another advantage is that Gerd

can make prototype parts very very quick, because he have all machines in his workshop.

Team Durango – Can you give us one hot tip about setting up the DEX210 for UK Astroturf tracks?

Jörn – Switch the stock ball diff with the option gear diff and put just a soft diff oil in it.

Team Durango – The 2013 World Championship must be a very strong focus for you?, describe your preparation for the biggest event in 10th off-road?

Jörn – Yes, a World Championship event is always my main focus. I try to test as much as I can before the race and develop some new parts to make the cars even faster for the Worlds.

Team Durango – What has been the most exciting development in the world of RC during your life time?

Jörn – For sure the change to Brushless and Lipo batteries. This made all things much easier.

Team Durango – Germany are world famous for being a country of precision engineers in motor sport. Does this attention to detail influence all parts of RC racing in your home country?

Jörn – Maybe a little bit.

Team Durango – What is the most important part of becoming a consistent driver?

Jörn – I think work really hard and stay relaxed.

Team Durango – If you could design your own Team Durango product range, what would you design and why?

Jörn – I would design a moulded black wing for 10th scale.

Team Durango – Describe the feeling you get when you win a high profile race meeting?

Jörn – It is an amazing feeling, no words can describe these moments.

Team Durango – Describe your racing style as a colour and explain why you choose that colour?

Jörn – I would choose red, because it looks dynamic and it is a part of my body design.

Team Durango – Team Durango are serious about racing. Explain your favourite thing about working alongside our team?

Jörn – We have a small but very professional team. All working seriously together and share all information.

Team Durango – Ball diff or gear diff?

Jörn – Ball diff on dirt and gear diff on carpet or astroturf.

Team Durango – What is your favourite way to relax when you are not racing?

Jörn – Playing basketball.

Team Durango – Do you carry another complete car for spares or just the parts that you may want to change at a race meeting?

Jörn – I bring just the parts which I think could be replaced and a few spares.

Team Durango – Who is the greatest RC racer of all time in your opinion and why?

Jörn – For me it’s Atsushi Hara, he can win in any class he attend from 10th touring car to 8th Nitro Buggy.

Jörn Neumann has quickly become one of the top off-road racing talents in the world. His dedication and commitment are apparent not just in his race results but also in his professional contributions to the RC scene as a whole. His involvement with the testing and development of Team Durango products is invaluable.

If you are ever fortunate enough to stand track side and watch Jörn race, keep in mind that you are watching a racer who is still young in years. Then take a few laps to closely examine why he is at the very top of his racing discipline. Jörn is fast, as consistent as a Swiss watch and focused on one thing. Winning with Team Durango.

Source : Team Durango

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