Team Durango DETC410 Wins First Round Of UK TC Nationals – Elliott Harper Storms Ahead


The DETC410, in the hands of Team Durango Touring Car star Elliott Harper, has returned from the first round of the UK National series with a TQ, an overall win, and another record smashed to dust!

Elliott was THE pace setting driver from the early stages of this epic clash of the hottest UK Touring Car talent. The DETC410 made easy work of all other manufacturers offerings as Elliott set a new track record at the Cotswolds venue! The DETC410 powered home with the first ever 20 lap run in the history of the venue!

Elliott dominated qualifying to such a high degree that his overall first position seemed inevitable after he posted a Day 1 TQ with an eight second lead. He was even able to ‘throw away’ an early run because of an electrical issue. The DETC410 gave such blistering pace that Elliott was literally leaving the competition in his trails.

Spectators reported that the DETC410 looked like it was “Glued to the track” as the Touring Car scene watched the new Team Durango vehicle ‘eat up’ lap after lap of apex hugging action.


The meeting was concluded with the following overall results:

The overall results were:

1st – Elliott Harper -Team Durango DETC410

2nd – Andy Moore

3rd – Olly Jefferies

The DETC410 reigns supreme and continues to break records, turning discerning heads in the process.


Elliott was very keen to share his inspirational words with you all as he basked in a truly glorious victory for the DETC410′s first high profile showing.

“The first Touring Car National went extremely well for Team Durango, and we can look back on this as a team and be very proud. Over the past few months, everybody at the company has put in countless hours of work to get to this stage and it’s a great testimony to the dedication that Team Durango have for racing. This is only the start of the season, but it is a great start, and it is important to keep pushing hard. We will continue to work hard to produce a car that will put a smile on everyone’s face! After all, Team Durango is “Serious About Racing” – Elliott Harper – Team Durango

Not only do we send our congratulations to Elliott for an awesome victory, but we also share our thanks to everybody who has contributed to the DETC410 platform so far. The car continues to bring us inspiration and excitement every time Elliott takes to the rostrum.

Will this be the Touring Car that transforms the scene forever?

We are so excited to watch the DETC410 story unfold, and share this amazing new racing machine with you all very soon.

Source : Team Durango

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