JConcepts B44.2 Center Bulkhead Cap


JConcepts is pleased to offer a replacement bulkhead center cap for the famous B44.2 buggy kit. The machined aluminum component, anodized in blue, is a handy replacement for the stock plastic unit and is a drop-on to the center slipper assembly. With the motor mount and bulkhead as one assembly in the B44 vehicle, temperatures peak out and transfer through the entire center assembly allowing the new cap to act with heat-sink capability.

The stout design with external ribbing has increased strength over the plastic unit, is symmetrical in design and adds a higher level of detail and aesthetic appeal to an already championship vehicle. This part has been already used in competition by Ryan Maifield, winning events such as the Cactus Classic and JConcepts Indoor National Series events.

· Machined aluminum, blue anodized
· Ribbed structure for increased stiffness
· Laser etched JC logo for authenticity
· Symmetrical design
· Heat dissipation
· Aesthetic jewelry


Source : JConcepts

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