DETC410 Reigns Supreme – Harper Wins BTCC


The soon to be released Team Durango DETC410 Touring Car has chalked up yet another high-profile race win in the hands of Elliott Harper!

The British Touring Car Championship was a truly serious affair.

With almost tropical weather conditions bringing some much welcome heat to the West London Raceway venue, Elliott was to set the race pace early on, with the first two qualifying rounds providing him with a solid TQ result. Elliott had already spent a considerable amount of time fine-tuning his DETC410 during the open practice sessions prior to qualifying, and this proved to be a wise decision. The event organisers had opted for a round-by-round racing format, giving Elliott the perfect chance to capitalise on the DETC410s already ballistic pace.

After qualifying was concluded, the top three looked like this:

1 – Elliott Harper – Team Durango DETC410

2 – Olly Jefferies – Associated

3 – Chris Grainger – Schumacher

With Elliott placing his DETC410 on pole position for the three leg finals it was clear that the Team Durango racer was completely in control of his chasing field. Elliott returned from leg one of the ‘A’ main finals with a win. He then added to this victory with a leg two win to take overall first in front of a world-class field of Touring Car racers.

Final positions:

1 – Elliott Harper – Team Durango DETC410

2 – Chris Grainger – Schumacher

3 – James Hart

Elliott was keen to share these words with you all in the wake of his triumph:

“The West London BTCC was a great all round weekend. The weather was perfect and it was a good fun weekend for everyone. The only downside was a bit of sunburn Monday morning! But anyway, over the weekend the car worked flawlessly and I was able to concentrate on driving, trying out new techniques to get the most out of the hot track conditions and myself.” Elliott Harper – Team Durango

Source : Team Durango

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