XRAY New RX8 Graphite 2-Speed Gears


#345645 Graphite 2-Speed Gear 45T (2nd)
#345646 Graphite 2-Speed Gear 46T (2nd)
#345647 Graphite 2-Speed Gear 47T (2nd)
#345648 Graphite 2-Speed Gear 48T (2nd)
#345649 Graphite 2-Speed Gear 49T (2nd)
#345650 Graphite 2-Speed Gear 50T (2nd)

• all-new special graphite material
• lightweight & extra strong
• long life & minimal wear
• increases drivetrain efficiency
• ultra true and wobble-free running
• marked for easy identification

XRAY precision-molded spur gear. Molded from the all-new special lightweight and extra-strong graphite material which gives the gears an optimum balance of hardness, toughness, and flexibility to provide long life, minimal wear, and minimizing breakage or teeth stripping. The graphite gears are also lighter which results in increased drivetrain efficiency.

The spur gear was strategically lightened to reduce rotating mass. The special material will withstand even the most extreme racing conditions which impart high tension on the spur gears. A “must have” for professional racers.

The spur gears are injected in a specially-constructed mold that ensures equal material injection to ensure ultra-true and wobble-free running which makes the RX8 spur gears some of the world’s most precise.

Each gear is stamped with the tooth number for easy identification. Available in all popular sizes, allowing you to find the perfect gear ratio for any track.


Source : XRAY

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