Serpent Carbon wishbone inserts for Cobra SRX8 buggy


600836 Wishbone insert carbon FR (2+2) SRX8
600837 Wishbone insert carbon RR (2+2) SRX8

As optionals for the Cobra SRX8 we introduce these carbon fibre insert plates for the front and rear suspension arms of the Cobra SRX8.
The plates are made in 1.5mm stiff carbon fibre plate material and can replace the moulded inserts which are standard, and use the same hardware to mount.

The carbon inserts can be used only in the top or only in the bottom, but also both top and bottom, just depending on the track conditions and grip levels. This makes the system very versatile and helps to finetune your Cobra SRX8 even better to each track.

For faster testing we suggest to have one set of arms without and one set of wishbones ready with the choosen carbon inserts, so you can swap them fast.

Source : Serpent

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