Exotek 22 HEAVY DUTY CLAMPING SERVO HORN, 7075- S/23 & F/25


You have a servo with 160oz of torque but a stock plastic servo horn that can handle only 16oz? Time to upgrade that servo horn with the Exotek heavy duty 7075 alloy clamping servo horn! This is the only clamping unit that matches the dimensions of the stock servo horn so now you have perfect fit and geometry for robust steering and performance in your 22 series vehicles.
Perfect replacement for all TLR 22 series 1/10 vehicles.
Also excellent for other 1/10 brand models- just check our dimensions above for compatibility.
Polished and anodized in factory black and laser etched for easy reference.
Large M2.5 clamping screw included.
Uses the stock TLR 4/40 ball end.

For Spektrum/Sanwa/KO and all other 23 spline servos.

For Futaba/Savox and all other 25 spline servos.

NOTE- not for use in the Exotek EXO22/T/SC chassis as the v1 bolt on nose plate will interefere.

Source : Exotek

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