Revolution Design Racing Products XB4 Brass Suspension Mounts

Coming from Revolution Design Racing Products are new Brass Suspension Mounts for the Xray XB4 series of buggies. Machined from black-coated brass and sporting gold-colour chamfered edges the parts weigh in at 13g (FF/RR) or 15g (FR/RF) respectively and they add valuable weight to the front or rear end of the buggy. Used in the front the added weight makes for an easier to drive car especially in high traction conditions while in the rear the increased weight leads to improved traction on low grip. Used throughout the buggy the increased mass of 56g will make for a more planted ride over ruts and bumps. All mounts are available separately, the utilise Xray’s I.S.S. suspension inserts and they can be used in either combination with the original alloy mounts.

RDRP0344-XB4 Brass FF Suspension Mount

RDRP0345-XB4 Brass FR Suspension Mount

RDRP0346-XB4 Brass RF Suspension Mount

RDRP0347-XB4 Brass RR Suspension Mount

Source : RDRP

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