Schumacher – Orlowski & Jemison Win oOple Invernational

Schumacher win both 2wd and 4wd buggy classes at the oOple Invernational 2017

This past weekend was the annual event of the oOple Invernational at the brilliant Robin Hood Raceway venue. A fantastic entry of 191
competitors across the various classes was superb to see. The format for the event was 4 rounds of qualifying by round by round,
with the best 2 to count. Then followed by 3 leg finals for everyone.
On Saturday morning we had the drivers briefing by Damian Whittle, James Helliwell and Schumachers Mark Musgrove. After this followed the
raffle that the oOple team do with loads of prizes being given away, a huge thank you to all of the sponsors for this.

Most people arrived on Friday with practice starting at 12 o clock midday.
Schumacher team drivers Michal Orlowski, Wesley Van Helmond and Koen Middlekoop made the trip across from overseas for this event.

In 2wd it was very close throughout qualifying as the 3 star drivers were Michal Orlowski, Ben Jemison and Craig Collinson. Each of
these 3 drivers TQ’d a round each, so it was all down to the 4th and final round of qualifying. Ben Jemison dominated this round so
therfore would line up on pole position for the 3 leg A finals.

The 4wd class was dominated by Michal Orlowski, who would take 3 out of the 4 qualifying runs to line up on pole.

2wd trucks saw Dave Smith line up on pole and in the 4wd trucks again it was very close between Damian Whittle, Adam Skelding and
Jim Dixon, this was the order they would line up for the A finals.

So after some superb racing in all 3 legs of the A finals the overall results were as follows:

2wd Buggy
1 Ben Jemison
2 Craig Collinson
3 Michal Orlowski
4 Allan O’Brien
5 Trish Neal
6 James Helliwell
7 James Chappell
8 Mark Hancock
9 Steve Pierce
10 Mitch Fiddling
11 Anthony Potter
12 Richard Coates

4wd Buggy
1 Michal Orlowski
2 Craig Collinson
3 Wesley Van Helmond
4 Ben Jemison
5 James Helliwell
6 Allan O’Brien
7 Eugene Galley
8 Nick Gurnell
9 Graham North
10 Jeff Steele
11 Adrian Parkes
12 Mitch Fiddling

2wd Truck
1 Dave Smith
2 Colin Mccaffery
3 Benjamin Kirkham
4 Colin Kirkham
5 Richard Chillingsworth
6 Mike Bradbury
7 Mikey Dunn
8 Jamie Mccaffery
9 Oliver Nattress

4wd Truck
1 Adam Skelding
2 Jim Dixon
3 Damian Whittle
4 Neil Burdess
5 Karl Bradish
6 Justin Kirk
7 Tristan Morgan
8 Dave Madson
9 Robert Jaques
10 Dave Corah
11 Simon Rankin
12 Danny James
13 Peter Westley
14 Radley Corah

All buggy triple leg A final videos can be found here:
Many thanks to David Liddle for the videos.

So another superb oOple Invernational event is in the books, well done to everyone on such a brilliant event.

Source : Schumacher

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