Revolution Design B5RM/MM VTS Slipper Option Kit


The RDRP VTS Slipper Option Kit makes the most of the original Team Associated clutch. The 4-piece kit replaces the standard outer and inner aluminium slipper plates with vented variants for improved heat dissipation and fading-free operation. Also the centre VTS plate was replaced with a vented and hard-coated aluminium plate while the VTS slipper housing, originally a moulded composite parts, is supplied in a lightweight, blue anodised and laser-etched aluminium variant. Like the slipper plate the housing is of a vented design to not only allow for better heat dissipation but also to lower its weight. All parts are precision machined from 7075-T6 aluminium and they are a direct fit on both the Team Associated B5 and B5M.

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Storey wins Silverstone Rd3 with Cougar KF


The third round of the popular Silverstone Winter Series was held at their indoor astroturf track in Northampton last weekend. As ever, the Silverstone team built a challenging yet flowing track to test the full entry of drivers.

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Elliott Harper Signs for Schumacher


Schumacher would like to announce that four-time IFMAR World Championship ‘A’ Finalist and EFRA Euros podium finisher Elliott Harper has signed to represent Schumacher Racing on a multi-year deal. Elliott was one of the hottest properties in the driver market after announcing earlier in the year he would be leaving his previous sponsor. Schumacher would like to welcome Elliott to our Touring Car Team and wish him the best for the future.

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XRAY X Race Italy 2015


Save the date in your racing calendar 31.1.-1.2.2015. The XRAY X Race will be held in Chiari, Bresca, Italy on last weekend of January and all XRAY friends are invited and welcome to the race. More details to come soon.

Source : XRAY

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XRAY New XB4 Steel Bevel Gears


#364955 Steel Differential Bevel Gear 35T

• 35T diff bevel gear
• High-strength, hardened steel
• Improved reliability
• Increased lifespan

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ProTek “TruTemp” Infrared Thermometer


Chico, CA, Dec. 17, 2014—ProTek R/C’s “TruTemp” Infrared Thermometer (PTK-8310) will give you an instant, accurate temperature reading of your electric motor, nitro engine, battery pack or any other heat sensitive equipment. The large LCD screen is easily read day or night thanks to its bright backlight display. The TruTemp Thermometer features four modes: Quick, Scan, Max. Value and Min. Value. It can also be switched between Fahrenheit and Celsius scales with a range of -40°–716°F (-40°C–380°C). To conserve the TruTemp’s battery life an auto-off timer is preset from the factory for 1-minute. When your vehicle’s performance and high-end components are on the line, reach for a ProTek R/C TruTemp Infrared Thermometer every time.

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Sweep Designwork STC-6 Touring Car Bodyshell for 190mm Chassis


Sweep Designwork STC-6 touring car bodyshell for 190mm chassis. The special shape lets the body sit lower for improved aerodynamics while the rear end features a build-in anti-tuck design that reduces the chances of the body becoming tucked by the rear wheels after a crash. The shape of the trunk also provides extra straight line stability without sacrificing corner speed. Made for both asphalt and carpet racing alike the body comes including a 1.0mm thick rear wing, side plates, mounting hardware and double sided tape in an ultra lightweight 0.5mm, lightweight 0.65mm a regular 0.8mm variant.

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XRAY New 1/10 Formula Race Car XRAY X1


“Formula1 racing is the pinnacle of automotive racing technology where performance and technologies employed challenge the very laws of physics. Inspired by full-scale Formula1 race cars, XRAY presents the all-new X1 based on XRAY’s European Championship-winning X12 pancar. Sharing many high-performance parts with its smaller cousin, the X1 has incorporated all of the finest details to achieve a state of race car perfection.

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